Our heritage

Handmade eyewear crafted in France


Unique know-how
for an exceptional eyewear

The Manufacture Alpine eyewear are the product of a unique and traditional French know-how.
Lunettes fabriquées en France à la main

Inspiration and tradition

Artisan eyewear producers have been working for the most prestigious firms in the Alps for more than 70 years, producing their eyewear collections.
Today, they work at Manufacture Alpine. Here, they can craft a range of truly exceptional frames; elegant and refined, they are produced using the finest techniques from each area of expertise. Together, these artisans work to pass on local, traditional skills and expertise from generation to generation.

Our craftmen

The craftmen working on Manufacture Alpine are blessed with a unique set of skills and expertise, passed down through the generations and honed using the latest technological innovations. These include chemical cutting and high-carat galvanic treatment. This artisanal expertise is precious. It must be preserved and passed on, never losing our passion for the craft.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.”

Excellence and timeless

It is from these majestic mountains that the designers at Manufacture Alpine draw their inspiration and their creativity. They pay homage to the euphoria unleashed by the winter sport revolution in the 60’s and 70’s, and which us still a vibrant part of our Alpine heritage.
The craftmen at Manufacture Alpine create excellent, timeless eyewear which are inspired by the culture, traditions and history of the Alps.

“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.” – Léonard De Vinci

Fabrication à la main des lunettes Manufacture Alpine
Détail de fabrication des lunettes Manufacture Alpine
Fabrication de lunettes par des artisans de l'arc alpin

Our eyewear production secret

It takes 762 minutes and more than 30 different steps to produce a single Manufacture Alpine frame.

The word of the founder

“Since I entered the world of optics a dozen years ago, I have met eyewear makers « Meilleurs Ouvriers de France » to retire, family houses founded at the end of the 19th century close or relocate by desire for profitability.

As in many sectors, our enviable french know-how throughout the world disappears little by little. Then I made the decision to act and federate the best craftsmen of the alpine arc, the same vision of French excellency around a project, Manufacture Alpine.
The intention is to promote and to spread internationally the expertise of each, often passed on from generation to generation.
Together we want to offer exceptional products, rare, where attention to detail and finesse are our main concern.”

Benjamin Dubail
Owner and founder of Manufacture Alpine